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Welcome to the world of exclusive ceramic shtofs

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 In olden days, shtof was name a ceramic bottle in which various alcoholic beverages were stored or served on the table - vodka, wine, tinctures, liquors. In this section we present you a collection of souvenir porcelain shtofs of our own production. Our designers and masters of pottery have developed and implemented a wide range of modern shtofs - exclusive ceramic bottles for vodka, wine and other spirits - exclusive ceramic bottles for vodka, wine and other spirits .
The non-standard approach and creativity of the masters make our ceramic bottles original, exclusive and filigree. It is very advantageous to distinguish us among other manufacturers of bottles for alcoholic beverages.
 Storage of wine, vodka and other alcohol in a ceramic bottle of our production has many advantages:
  - Ceramic bottles can keep the temperature of strong waters during a long time;
  - Ceramic bottle with a cork preserves the natural taste and aroma of strong waters for a long time;
  - Tasting of drinks from an exclusive ceramic bottle turns into a holiday.
 Using porcelain shtof as an exclusive ceramic bottle for strong waters, you are guaranteed to draw attention to your products to new customers of various professions and interests.
 Shtof porcelain will favorably distinguish you among another manufacturers and distributors of strong waters. You can choose and buy suitable ceramic bottles in the collection below. Wholesale, at the manufacturer's price.

Auto Porsche
Bottle ceramic "Auto Porsche" 0,1 l in souvenir packing.....
Bottle ceramic "Auto Porsche" 0,1 l in souvenir packing..
Ceramic bottle"Auto retro"
Ceramic bottle "Auto retro" 0,1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Auto retro" 0,1l..
Ceramic bottle "Jaguar White"
Ceramic bottle "Jaguar White" 0,1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Jaguar White" 0,1l..
Ceramic bottle "Porsche yellow"
Ceramic bottle"Porsche yellow" 0,1l.....
Ceramic bottle"Porsche yellow" 0,1l..
Shtof  "Grenade F-1"
Ceramic bottle "Grenade F-1" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Grenade F-1" 1l..
Shtof "Wolf"
Ceramic bottle "Wolf" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Wolf" 1l..
Shtof "Ensign"
Ceramic bottle "Ensign" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Ensign" 1l..
Shtof "Nurse"
Ceramic bottle "Nurse" 0,5l.....
Ceramic bottle "Nurse" 0,5l..
Ceramic bottle"Cossack with a cannon" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle"Cossack with a cannon" 1l..
Ceramic bottle "Santa Claus" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Santa Claus" 1l..
Ceramic bottle "Anchor" 1l.....
Ceramic bottle "Anchor" 1l..
Ceramic bottle "HAMMER" 0,75l.....
Ceramic bottle "HAMMER" 0,75l..
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